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Tis The Season

Looking for a high profit school fundraiser? Look no further than our holiday gift catalog fundraiser. Inside you will find 100+ items such as jewelry, home décor, kitchen accessories, snacks, holiday gift wrap/bags and much more.

Frozen Food Fundraiser

Our Otis Spunkmeyer frozen food fundraiser is among the easiest and most popular school fundraisers for a reason – food sells! This brochure combines a delicious frozen cookie dough fundraiser with pizzas, pretzels, muffins and much more.



An exciting new option for simple and effective fundraising.
Moneydolly is a fundraising app that allows participants to raise funds with no order forms, no checks, no cash, and no participant delivery!
Supports can choose between a variety of products.

$1 Chocolate Bars

Chocolate bar fundraisers are a classic! This in-hand program is perfect for all groups. The $1 Chocolatiers bars come in a carrier with 60 bars! Every carrying case has something for everyone. Choose from four delicious flavors: creamy caramel, almond, crispy rice, and milk chocolate.


App based fundraising

Be a part of the revolutionary fundraiser movement and wave goodbye to the work usually associated with raising money. No door-to-door sales, no counting or depositing money, and best of all, no paperwork!

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