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High School Sports Fundraiser High school sports are affordable, beneficial programs that take up only 1% to 3% of a school’s total budget. Although inexpensive, high school sports teams provide more bang for the buck as they offer teens a long list of benefits that will support them well into adulthood.

Here are 3 major benefits your teen could receive from enrolling in high school sports in the upcoming school year:

1. Take pride in accomplishments. Depending upon the achievement, high school sports stars can become local heroes. Community newspapers are likely to cover the results of a high school soccer match, pointing out key plays made by important players in the game.

Although too much notoriety is likely to go to your teen’s head, healthy recognition for their success on the field will help to reinforce positive behavior and teach them to work toward their goals.

2. Develop people skills. On a sports team, your teen will be forced to work side-by-side with peers in different environments. Depending upon how many sports that your teen plays, they’ll also have to learn to form relationships with different coaches and adapt to new coaching styles.

This is perfect training for job placement later on in life. A teen on an Austin soccer team will be able to develop critical people skills as they learn to get along with other players. They’ll also learn respect for authority as they receive feedback and criticism from their coach.

3. Support future successes. How a teen participates in high school sports is likely to predict their successes later on in life, when it comes to college, career, and even family life. A 1989 study conducted by the Women’s Sport Foundation indicated that athletes perform better academically, are more involved in school activities, and continue in community involvement after graduation.

Along the same lines, girls can benefit just as much from high school sports as boys. Teens enrolled in sports have reported a lower dropout rate, reinforcing that high school sports can support academic achievement.

Even though high school sports are primarily played for exercise or a love of the game, teens can receive a long list of benefits that extend far beyond breaking a sweat. A teen that participates in high school sports can learn valuable lessons on the field that they may not be able to learn in any other environment.

As most parents are well aware of, high school sports are likely to keep kids out of trouble. When a teen spends the majority of their time practicing and attending games before and after school, they will remain focused on what is most important – personal development and school spirit.

This type of participation in group activity will give a teen purpose in life as they work toward a greater goal with teammates and coaches. In short, teens on high school sports teams are likely to share several impressive characteristics that will guide them toward success in the future – persistence, dedication, and respect, just to name a few.

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