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S’Cool Fundraising has been the go-to solution for Colorado school fundraising for over 20 years. When Johnny Dasher started the fundraising company in 2000, his goal was to provide the best products and service available in the industry. As a family-owned Southern Colorado fundraising company, we offer all the benefits of local service combined with nationally recognized brands.

Our core values as a company have always been “maximum profits with minimum hassles” and “better choices equal better results”. For us, those better choices include Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough, World’s Finest Chocolate, Believe Kids gift catalogs, and our newest program MoneyDolly, a fully digital app-based fundraising option.

Johnny Dasher

As a father of 14 and grandfather of 12, Johnny raised his family in the Pueblo, Colorado area with his wife Amy. They take the family-owned part of their business seriously, and have spent years supporting area schools in their fundraising efforts. We have worked with groups all over Colorado, from the Western Slope and Grand Junction, to Denver, to Colorado Springs, all the way to Albuquerque.

We work with youth organizations, school wide fundraisers, school sports, music programs, youth sports, cheer, dance, and spirit teams, and other groups. Whether you’re looking for a cookie dough fundraiser, chocolate bar fundraiser, gift wrap fundraiser, frozen food fundraiser, or something totally different, S’Cool Fundraising has what you need. Contact us today for more information!

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