Fundraising For Your School Band: Two Questions For Success

High School Band Fundraising

Each year you face the same situation; your band program needs to raise money for uniforms, instruments and competitions, but band fundraising can be time consuming. From the perspective of a director or involved parent, it can challenging to find time to select, and plan a fundraiser. From a band member’s perspective, learning and performing music, marching […]

Marching Band Fundraising Ideas

High School Band Fundraising Ideas

Marching band activities can be expensive, but good marching band fundraising ideas can help defray the expense for both the school and the marching band members. Marching bands are generally large, and fundraisers that can take advantage of this are often the most successful. Here are a few marching band fundraising ideas to try with your band. * Car […]

High School Band Fundraising Ideas

High School Band Fundraising Ideas

  When it comes to band fundraising ideas, there are many options available. Budgeting and goal setting are two very important aspects to think about when planning any fundraiser. Once these steps are complete, the money making can begin. Car washes are just one of the great band fundraising ideas. Ask a local gas station […]

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