Overcoming the Challenges of Cheerleader Fundraisers

Cheerleader Fundraiser Ideas

Cheerleading fundraising is essential for many reasons.  Regardless of the age or organization, cheerleading teams are relatively small in numbers, making it a challenge to earn significantly through sales based fundraising.  Creativity is essential in tapping into potential resources and supporters, but with a positive approach, your campaign to earn money for your year’s projects, […]

Three Ideas For Fun and Effective Cheerleader Fundraising

Cheerleader Fundraiser Ideas

Cheerleading is an upbeat sport that can get a little expensive to fund. Squads are often left to compete with other groups for fundraising dollars. The football, basketball and baseball teams all have solid base contributors, but the cheerleading squad has something more. The cheerleaders and spirit to undertake more creative cheer fundraising tactics than […]

Running An Effective Cheerleader Fundraiser

High School Cheer Leading Fundraising

  A Cheer fundraiser can be a big job due to the fact that your squad is limited in size.  It’s important to consider the timing of your efforts so that they don’t conflict with school wide events and so that they don’t fall at times when funds are really tight.  For example, your money making efforts […]

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