Colorado School Fundraisers

Recently, a customer emailed us to share a fun way they discovered to use the World’s Finest Chocolate Bars that they purchased during one of their school fundraisers. On a camping trip this summer, they decided to use the chocolate bars to make a yummy chocolate fondue.  They told us it was very simple to make and tasted wonderful.  We want to share the recipe with you!

Simple Chocolate Fondue Recipe Using World’s Finest Chocolate Bars (for adults)

Step One: Melt a few of your World’s Finest Chocolate bars on low in a pan or fondue pot.

Step Two: Add a little bit of  Tuaca, to taste.  Tuaca is a vanilla citrus liqueur.

Step Three: Add some Cabernet, also to taste.

Step Four: Enjoy on Strawberries, Pineapple, Wafer Cookies, Graham Crackers, or anything else you want to dip into the gooey goodness.   

Step Five: Lick the fondue pot until clean.

Note: The low heat used to cook the fondue will not burn off the alcohol in the Tuaca or Cabernet. This recipe should be enjoyed by adults only 🙂

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