Elementary School FundraiserIt’s important for most elementary schools to supplement their funds during the school year, but it’s also extremely important to approach elementary School fundraising with safety in mind.  Many sales based promotions are ideal for earning extra money for your school’s needs but you fist must insure that your safety policies are up-to-date and you must communicate it to parents in order to insure that your students are protected when they seek support for your project.

Sales based elementary school fundraising programs are often exciting for kids, especially when you work with a top quality service that creates attractive brochures and organized order forms.  It can be tempting to provide incentives to the children that make the most sales, but do so with caution so that children understand that your goal isn’t for them to go from door to door in search of sales.  Rather, emphasize that any door to door activity should be done with a parent and only to homes of neighbors and friends.  Emphasize the need to be cautious about selling to strangers.

Parents need to oversee sales as their children participate in order to assure that money is handled correctly.  If your elementary fundraising campaign requires upfront payment, it’s important that a parent manage those funds and make sure that information for delivery is correctly entered on order forms.  This information needs to be legible.  A parent needs to remain involved when the time for product delivery arrives, as well, making sure that everyone gets what they ordered and paid for.

In some money raising activities, orders are paid for upon delivery.  In these instances, as well, parents need to be involved in their children’s sales activities.  It’s important that correct delivery information is collected, and it’s important that delivery dates are clearly communicated, along with total costs.  A parent needs to be involved in delivery and money collection so that amounts may be verified and correct products given.  While it’s important to include the children, your elementary money maker is really an adult project that allows children to participate.

Parents may be encouraged to take the elementary fundraising literature to work or to organizational meetings in order to seek support through those venues.  This is often quite successful, tapping into a broader range of potential supporters willing to help a school’s cause.  In most cases, the effort of the parents is essential to the success of the activity, and school leadership should be sure to thank parents both in advance and after the fact for their assistance.

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