High School Band FundraisingEach year you face the same situation; your band program needs to raise money for uniforms, instruments and competitions, but band fundraising can be time consuming. From the perspective of a director or involved parent, it can challenging to find time to select, and plan a fundraiser. From a band member’s perspective, learning and performing music, marching practice and studying for classes all take priority over fundraising. However, with a little planning, band fundraising can be simple and successful.

When planning a band fundraiser, consider these questions…

What is the goal?

The goal of every fundraiser should have two parts, the reason funds are needed and the amount needed. For example, perhaps your program needs $2000 to enter a competition. Or, maybe, the goal is to raise $500 for new drums.

It is important for the two parts of the goal to work together. Students and parents are more motivated by an end result than by a dollar amount. However, the end result can not be reached without the proper dollar amount.

It is helpful to breakdown the total dollar amount needed into an amount per participant. When taking this approach, remember to slightly increase the amount per participant over the minimum total amount needed. This will help compensate for members who do not participant or do not meet the individual goal.

When will you conduct your fundraiser?

Timing is everything. When selecting when to conduct your band fundraiser, select a time frame that is both convenient for your group, and will produce the best results. It is likely you will need to use the funds during the busy marching and competition season. However, this is a very busy time for students and fundraising may get pushed to the side.

Just prior to the holiday season can often be a successful time for band fundraising as you may be able to help people cut down on their holiday shopping while assisting your cause.

Be sure to set a reasonable time frame for your fundraiser. Too short of a selling period will prevent participants from reaching all of their potential contacts. Too long of a selling period will cause procrastination and the fundraiser may be forgotten about. For best results, try a selling period of 2 – 3 weeks.

Proper planning, and selling a quality product, will ensure that band fundraising is simple, fun, and successful.

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