When it comes to band fundraising ideas, there are many options available. Budgeting and goal setting are two very important aspects to think about when planning any fundraiser. Once these steps are complete, the money making can begin.

Car washes are just one of the great band fundraising ideas. Ask a local gas station or grocery store if you can use their space and their hose to help raise money for your school. They may ask for a little bit of money for the use of their hose, but if they are nice enough to let you use their facility, it will probably be a very small price. Try to plan this event a little bit in advance so that there is enough time to tell people about it. It’s amazing how many people are willing to support a group that is doing something positive.

If you have a local sports team, look to them for help. Many stadiums offer the opportunity for different groups to make money for their program. Students who are old enough can get a Food Handler’s Permit, which is necessary to work concessions. It is also possible to get a group discount on the permits. Call your local health department and see about having a special class set up. There will be discounts available and students can study for the test together before they take it.

There are tons of great band fundraising ideas to choose from. Try selling candy, or hosting a play-a-thon. You can have your band play at different venues and open up an instrument case for donations. This can be done at a place like a local events center, or try your local community center.

There are many businesses that have fundraising programs available. For example, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts will donate product to different groups for sale provided they sell them at a minimum price. This helps out both the program and the company as well. By using some of these ideas, you should be able to raise a considerable amount of money for your program. Try to form a good relationship with all of your contacts so that you can use them for repeat business.

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