High School Band Fundraising Ideas

Marching band activities can be expensive, but good marching band fundraising ideas can help defray the expense for both the school and the marching band members. Marching bands are generally large, and fundraisers that can take advantage of this are often the most successful. Here are a few marching band fundraising ideas to try with your band.

* Car washes
Because of marching bands’ large sizes, bands can often hold several car washes without taxing band members too much. Students enjoy participating in car washes on warm days, and some do-it-yourself advertising can ensure good turnout. Car wash participants can be selected from a sign-up sheet or run by section. If the band members do a good job, those who receive car washes might be willing to come back for another wash the following week. Try to find a busy parking with a high amount of traffic.

* Walk-a-thons
Marching band requires endurance, and fundraising ideas that also help band members get some exercise can help. Walk-a-thons give students an opportunity to find sponsors by going door-to-door and collecting pledges. While holding a walk-a-thon, band instructors can consider combining the event into an even larger fundraising event where vendors can sell food and products for a fee or cut of their earnings. Carnival-type games can make these walk-a-thons a fun event with a variety of marching band fundraising ideas working together.

* Fundraising concerts
While marching band performances generally take place on a football field, indoor concerts allow members of the public and supporters to hear the power of the marching band sound up close. Those running these concerts can sell tickets and ask for donations. These concerts also give band members and instructors a chance to explain to those in attendance how important their donations are for the band to travel to football games and go to competitions.

* Product fundraisers
One of the most time-tested marching band fundraising ideas is to sell products. Dedicated fundraising companies can provide products to sell, but band students and their parents can also consider making the products themselves. Classic ideas include candy, chocolate and jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces. Buyers will be willing to pay a relatively high markup if the overall cost is still low.

With a supportive community and hard-working band members, these fundraisers can help a marching band raise the funds necessary to afford trips and other activities. While the balance sheet can be intimidating, fundraising can make a significant impact.

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