The key to successful fundraising is to plan ahead. For example, if you are fundraising for a band, choir, or sports team that has annual or semiannual meets and competitions it would be a good idea to start fundraising three to six months in advance. If you wait until the last minute things never go as smoothly as you would like because everyone feels rushed and pressured.

Unfortunately, most schools and organizations don’t think about fundraising until the last minute. It will be important to get students and parents on board with the idea of fundraising for events six months in the future. An easy way to help insure that everyone is on the same page is to send out a letter to students and parents explaining the importance of the fundraiser and the significance of getting a head start with a well prepared and well-timed fundraiser.

So what is the right time?

Kick-off your fall fundraiser as soon as possible in August or September. Once students return to school after summer break you will want to already be prepared to launch your first fall fundraisers.

It is a lot easier create a successful and fun fundraiser experience when you can take the time to plan out your fundraisers in advance. The trick is to leave the stress and worry behind by preparing, planning, and scheduling your fundraisers in advance.

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