Cheerleader Fundraiser Ideas

Cheerleading fundraising is essential for many reasons.  Regardless of the age or organization, cheerleading teams are relatively small in numbers, making it a challenge to earn significantly through sales based fundraising.  Creativity is essential in tapping into potential resources and supporters, but with a positive approach, your campaign to earn money for your year’s projects, trips and uniform updates can be a success.

At high school and middle school levels, cheerleading draws support from a range of students and parents due to the visibility of the team in its performances at school events.   Announcing cheerleading fund raising to the student body and to parents is a means of drawing support.  Enlisting supporters to make sales on behalf of the cheer squad can increase the work force available for raising money.  Additional support can be garnered through nearby businesses and organizations that cater to the school’s student body or to their parents.  Asking a busy office to accept a sales packet and promote the campaign can lead to significant earnings.  Posting a flyer communicating that the event is in progress can also attract attention.  Networking with organizations such as labor unions can lead to sales.  Many such organizations are happy to support schools in their fundraising efforts.

Cheerleading fundraising can be given lots of exposure in public settings.  Grocery stores and shopping malls provide excellent venues for gaining exposure with lots of individuals.  In an order based campaign, it’s important to collect funds in advance and to establish a definite pickup date for products in order to facilitate the massive nature of the event.  The amount of foot traffic at a mall and the number of shoppers at a store make weekends the most effective times for public fundraising.  It’s important to communicate in advance with the store or mall managers in order to obtain permission.  It’s also important to develop a protocol for approaching potential supporters.  Pleasant, polite communication and a cheerful demeanor are important.  It’s also important to avoid being pushy.  Clearly printed signs can provide additional information.  Not all passersby will want to participate, and it’s important to understand and respect this.  Express gratitude to those that do participate.

Cheerleading provides many exciting opportunities throughout the year, but many of them come at a cost.  Financing can be burdensome without some additional support.  With creative thinking and a commitment to work together, your squad’s cheerleading fund raising efforts can be a success.

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