High School Cheer Leading Fundraising


Cheer fundraiser can be a big job due to the fact that your squad is limited in size.  It’s important to consider the timing of your efforts so that they don’t conflict with school wide events and so that they don’t fall at times when funds are really tight.  For example, your money making efforts are probably not going to be very fruitful during tax season, as many people are faced with paying more than they want to already.  During the holiday season, money earning can be very successful if planned well.  Look for sales options that provide value to your target audience for the best success.  Explore your school calendar in order to determine what other clubs may be using that time period for earning money.s the cheerleading advisor, you have a lot of responsibility, ranging from uniform distribution and management to cheer fundraising.  It can be an overwhelming year unless you take time to organize your schedule at the outset.  Before the first meeting of the summer in preparation for cheerleading camp, take a look at the traditional activities and any new ideas you want to try.  Get your schedule into rough draft form so that your activities won’t overlap.

Look for products that are popular with people and that are of high quality in their nature.  If it’s possible, get samples to try before you commit to a given company for your cheer fund raising effort.  Make sure that scented candles smell good and burn nicely.  Make sure that cookie dough is tasty when baked and that directions are clear.  Whatever sales promotions you decide on, pick those that will truly be of use to those making purchases.  There’s nothing worse than to spend money on a fundraising product with plans to give it as a gift, only to find out that it’s broken or of low quality.

Develop a sales etiquette for your squad as they prepare for their cheer fund raising campaign.  Emphasize polite interaction.  Whether you approach local businesses and firms for permission to leave sales pamphlets in their offices or whether you set up a table at a local mall, your interaction with the public represents your school and makes an impression.  Outstanding manners and positive interaction will go a long way in earning the support of local businesses and individuals for this campaign and for future money raising efforts.

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