A successful fundraiser takes four things to succeed:

1. Great products that people want to buy

2. A clear purpose and outcome for funds being raised

3. A committed group of parents, teachers, and administrators

4. An incentive program to keep the kids engaged and excited

The Incentive Program

The incentive program is actually a very important part of the fundraising process. If your kids are not excited and motivated to participate in the fundraiser, it will not be very successful. But, if you can find something that your kids can latch onto, it will bring a whole other dynamic to your fundraiser. In most cases, fundraising incentives can be toys, candy, even gift cards, but every once in awhile, it is a good idea to mix it up and think outside the box.

Perhaps no one knows this better than Bayfield Elementary School in Bayfield, Colorado. The school is faced with a need to completely redesign and pave the pickup and drop off area to ensure the safety of their kids and help with traffic flow in and out of the school. With no funds for such a huge project, the school has to look to fundraising to get the job done. With the success of their fall 2013 fundraiser provided by S’Cool Services Fundraising they are confident going into this next year they will be able to raise some significant funds for this much needed project.  The fundraiser had the right mix of products to help create a great fundraiser, but then they l took it one step further with their incentive program.

Principal Taxi Ride

Chair Taxi

They came up with a fun idea to help motivate their kids. Every time a student sold 5 items, they received a charm and were entered into a drawing for the Principal Taxi Ride. The winner of the drawing would be met by the Principal at the entrance to the school where they would be taken for a special ride by the Principal, around the school and to class, on a magical taxi ride.
Between this fun incentive, some hard work by parents, teachers, and administrators, and some great products from S’Cool Services Fundraising, Bayfield Elementary was able to raise oChair Taxi (2)ver $18,800. They purchased new eReaders, new T-shirts for track and field day, teacher supplies and incentives, and much more plus have funds left to help with the pick-up and drop-off area