Cheer Leader Fundraiser IdeasCheerleading is an upbeat sport that can get a little expensive to fund. Squads are often left to compete with other groups for fundraising dollars. The football, basketball and baseball teams all have solid base contributors, but the cheerleading squad has something more. The cheerleaders and spirit to undertake more creative cheer fundraising tactics than the teams could. Here are just a few cheer fundraising ideas to inspire any squad.

Take Your Candy Sales and Cheers Tailgating

Nearby colleges often allow cheerleading squads permission to sell candy and other goods during tailgating events. These are joyous occasions for college team fans, who are often eager to help a bubbly squad in need. Offer a short bit clever cheer after every sale to get the tailgaters scrambling for your squad’s attention.

Showcase Your Brand New Cheers

Cheerleaders can use exhibitions to showcase competition cheers. Charge a small fee at the door. Place your candies and other fundraising items for sale in place of concessions. The followers of the squad, family and members of the community will gladly come out to see the new cheers. The squad will raise money in the process.


Let patrons of the games and community members experience the squad’s abilities first-hand in a Dial-A-Cheer fundraising project. Cheerleaders can wish a happy birthday, pep up the office or send an encouraging message as requested. The fee changed for the personal cheers can include a treat as well.

Cheer fundraising can be as creative as needed. There are several more things that you and the squad could do to enhance your fundraising activities. Don’t just take the fundraising products for a traditional door to door sales expedition. Get online and sell to through social networking. Make a YouTube video asking for donations, especially when raising funds for a competition.

The squads have leeway, because they are positive and bright in nature. People seem to expect something creative from someone with so much spirit. Indulge them with a spirited cheer fundraiser. You can give the baseball, basketball and football teams a run for the money during the next season.

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